About Us

Company Overview

Founded in 2007, we, MICRODIGITAL Inc.
have grown into a professional manufacturer
in the video surveillance industry with dedicated employees
and customers and run the business very successfully.

We've built a full line-up of video surveillance products and are committed
to providing world-class security solutions that can fulfill the various kinds of demands
from the distribution market to vertical market with responding
to the emergence of new technologies effectively.

With the full knowledge and experience of developing video surveillance products,
we’ve expanded our business range to Digital Signage System
to devote our video technology to Visual Display Industry in digital era.
Walking in step with the market demands for Digital Signage in diverse applications,
we’ve completed the solutions with high performance Media Player
and Full-featured management Software developed with the consideration
of reliability, affordability and ease-of-use.

Our robust and advanced Video Surveillance and Digital Signage solutions
will deliver unexpected benefit to your business
and maximize your business potential.