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[NEWS] AHD has been launched successfully
admin 2014-07-30   

AHD(Analog High Definition) solution which transmits Analog Megapixel Video through a legacy coaxial cable hits Video Surveillance Market and MICRODIGITAL Inc. is newly launching  720p AHD(Analog High Definition) Product Line-ups.


Key features are as followings.


Crystal clearer Video Quality than any other similar solutions

Noiseless even run 3C2V cable over up to 500m


AHD(720p) and CVBS(1280H) Video Out selectable

Backward Compatibility with legacy Analog System like 960H and 760H

Useful features inclusion like Sens-up, 3D-DNR, De-Fog, etc.

UTC(Up-the-Coax) Support

Open source and system without monopolization



1080p AHD line-ups will be released in Q4, 2014 and MDs technical innovation will be continued.


Do not hesitate to contact our regional sales managers to evaluate the samples and to put the line-ups into your marketing materials for the 2nd half of 2014.