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[News]Worlds First AHD Speed Dome Camera directly controlled by its Recorder
admin 2016-01-12   

Its the first AHD Speed Dome Camera that includes UTC function for Menu & PTZ Control over coaxial cable and is controlled by AHD DVR in the world

In the Premium AHD world, its one of remarkable achievement from MICRODIGITAL Inc.


[Model Applicable]


AHD 2.0 Speed Dome Camera

  • MDS-1091H    10x Optical Zoom, IP66 & Fan/Heater

  • MDS-2091H    20x Optical Zoom, IP66 & Fan/Heater

  • MDS-3091-2H  30x Optical Zoom, IP66 & Fan/Heater, 150m IR Visible Range



  • MDR-AH4590E  4ch, Half Realtime, 1 x HDD

  • MDR-AH4590   4ch, Half Realtime, 2 x HDDs

  • MDR-AH8590   8ch, Half Realtime, 2 x HDDs

  • MDR-AH16590  16ch, Half Realtime, 2 x HDDs

  • MDR-AH8900   8ch, Realtime, 4 x HDDs (Option : 1 x ODD)

  • MDR-AH16900  16ch, Realtime, 4 x HDDs (Option : 1 x ODD)


Please be aware that 3rd party Cameras and Recorders cant be used for this application.


For more details, please contact regional sales manager through sales@microdigital.co.kr