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[NEWS] Launching H.264 Megapixel IP Cameras
admin 2009-04-10   

We have exactly what security companies in your market are looking for.
The megapixel Ip camera featured here includes H.264/MJPEG dual encoding and transmission, offering clearer images and video quality.
it also comes with an optional PoE function for greater marketability.
This is just one of our offerings, which also include VGA progressive CCD cameras, box, dome and PTZ cameras, IP video servers, as well as hardware and software for Ip video recorders.


Megapixel IP camera
● H.264 / M-JPEG dual encoding and transmission
● No tearing effect on a  moving image
● High-performance streaming engine
   - Max. 15fps live view @ SXGA
   - Max. 30fps live view @ VGA