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[NEWS] MICRODIGITAL releases UTC cameras as its unique products
admin 2011-09-15   

Micro Digital releases UTC cameras as its unique products.

UTC camera is an analog camera supporting the controls of OSD, focus and distance adjustment through a coaxial cable with a remote controller.

During installation of common cameras, the installer has to open the case of the camera to control OSD menu and prepare a portable monitor to adjust focus, etc.

But, with UTC camera and controller, the installer does not need to do that.

The UTC camera user easily adjusts OSD menu with UTC controller during the installation.

Whenever the view of the UTC camera is seen strange and needed to adjust focus, etc, the user just operates a UTC remote controller in front of the display device without approaching the camera.

Micro Digital UTC camera (MDC-6220VTD-42U/32U, MDC-6220TDN-42U/32U) is IR bullet type and has True Day & Night function.

To get more details, please click the link (http://www.microdigital.co.kr/product/product.php?acode=1&bcode=112).