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IP System
AHD 1080p DVR

  AHD, HD-TVI (Up To 4MP) & 960H Video Input
H.264 Compression (High Profile)
HDMI and VGA Output (4&8CH: 1080P, 16CH Max. 4K)
Alarm 4 In / 1 Out, Audio 4 In / 1 Out
Huge Backup (Max. 24 Hours)
Optimized Network Transmission by Dual Streaming
Free DDNS, Digital Zoom Support
Multi Browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
Multi Mobile Viewer
Model No. MDR-4590 MDR-8590 MDR-16590
Compression H.264 (High Profile)
Video Input Format AHD & HD-TVI 2MP/3MP/4MP(25fps/30fps) or 960H
Video Input 4 BNC 8 BNC 16 BNC
Video Output HDMI and VGA (4&8CH: 1080P, 16CH Max. 4K)
Audio Codec G.711
Audio In / Out 4 / 1
Alarm In / Out 4 / 1
Ethernet Up to 100 Mbps Base-T Up to 1000 Mbps Base-TX
(Frame rate per channel)
4MP 15fps 15fps 15fps
3MP 18fps 18fps 18fps
2MP 30fps 30fps 30fps
1MP 30fps 30fps 30fps
960H 30fps 30fps 30fps
(Frame rate per channel)
4MP 10fps 10fps 12fps
3MP 13fps 13fps 15fps
2MP 15fps 15fps 15fps
1MP 30fps 30fps 30fps
960H 30fps 30fps 30fps
Recording Mode Continuous / Motion / Sensor / Schedule / Manual
Recording Quality Level 5 Levels
Pre-Recording Max. 20 Minutes
Post-Recording Max. 60 Seconds
Multi-Decoding 1, 4 1, 4, 8 1, 4, 9, 16
Search Date/Time, Event, Archive, Log
Playback Speed x0.25, x0.5, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64
USB Interface 2 Ports (Front 1 / Rear 1)
e-SATA N/A Yes
Backup Network, USB, External HDD
Huge Backup Max. 24 Hours
PTZ Control RS-485 Serial Port
User Interface  Keyboard Controller, Mouse, Remote Controller
Max. Internal HDDs  2 HDDs (Up To 12TB : 2 X 6TB)
Power 12VDC, 5A
Operating Temperature (+)5C ~ (+)40C
Storage Temperature (-)10C ~ (+)50C
Operating Humidity 90% or less
Unit Weight (Gross Weight) 1.5kg (3kg)
Dimension (W x D x H) 340 x 262 x 60 (mm)